Big News - LIONEL is Now Selling on Trainz Auctions

I have made several purchases from Trainz, although the last was in 2012.  Since then, most purchases have been from TCA or the local December Train Meet here in OKC.  Of my purchases from Trainz, one was incorrect in that I was sent a Hiawatha baggage car, instead of the GN I had purchased.  But, I had use for the Hiawatha bag car, and found the GN car elsewhere.  In Houston, back in the 1990's, I purchased several items from Scott at different train shows in the George R Brown Convention Center.  And found him to be a very nice and fair individual.  Yes, that was before the "TRAINZ" site and auction house.  Time and being a larger business does make a difference, but I still feel Scott, as an individual, tries to be reasonable and will do what is needed to make corrections.  I am pleased with my past TRAINZ purchases, and wish many others will/would have had better experiences, this is a hobby we do enjoy and any detrimental actions are of no help to anyone.

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BigJohn&theWork posted:
Richard Gonzales posted:

Why would Lionel sale their new passenger car sets for over $400, in a four car set, and you have to buy the observation car separately in a two car set for over $200?


Richard, this one is simple...

because many of us who have all the cars from the first run would like to make a more prototypical ESE consist and we need the additional coaches to do so. Lionel made a very smart move by offering these with the observation and RPO as a separate set. This allows the easy expansion of an ESE set without having to buy unnecessary duplicate cars (rpo and observation). While at the same time if you simply want a short ESE from the new production run, that is available too with the purchase of the four coaches and the 2 car set... 

Its actually a quite  sensible move on Lionel's part.

now if we could only get them to make the parlor cars for the ESE

Big John,

If I had made that decision at Lionel I would have offered all the ESE cars in the 2017 catalog as separate sale items. Yes, they need to add a parlor car in order to increase the variety of cars available to those who made the initial purchase. If the ESE had an RPO then it needs to be added as a separate sale item for the set.

I just think the add on cars could have been marketed a lot better in order to increase sales.

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Lionel selling through must indicate a very significant change is occurring within the company. This type of adjustment to Lionel's sales policy must have been made as a method to try an increase sales in a declining market.  However, the thing to remember is that if you continue to raise prices to increase revenue, eventually you reach the fall off point. In other words when you go past the top of the curve selling at what you believe the market will bear, the fall off point comes on quick and fast  Perhaps that point has been reached.

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So, proceed as you would with any eBay seller with a 97.9% feedback rating and remember the stories you've heard on this forum.

Trainz has a 99% feedback rating on eBay with more than 300,000 transactions.  Please direct me to a seller with that volume and a higher feedback rating, especially one selling toys.

What, me worry?

I have had great success with Trainz..... and some big failures too. Just a very few have gone wrong. They have done good on fixing or refunding overall. Some have worked out in my favor.

 It can be frustrating when you are looking at something, and then receive something different. All I can ask, is that they make it right. They always seem ready to refund. They told me that they didn't have the correct item, and then I see several listed the next week on the bay auction site. Ah well, I did get a refund. I like when they show pictures that don't match the descriptions. You can toss a coin on what you'll receive.

 So I can only say that overall I was pleased. Not everything, goes your way. For the few lemons, I did find some great deals too. They don't use TCA ratings on used stuff. So look closely at the pictures and expect the worse. Than you will be happy. "Good" shape may mean barely acceptable to most.

 How this announcement has turned into 3 pages of gripes????? WOW.

Can I post about a dealer who ripped me off? Nope. It got deleted in seconds.

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