Do you have questions for the crew of N&W 611? Post them here!

I'll be spending some time with Norfolk and Western 611 this weekend, recording a follow up episode for Notch 6. Part of that plan is to spend some time with the overnight crew and getting their unique perspective on helping to operate and maintain N&W 611. 

If you have a question about 611 that you've always wanted answered, leave it here and I will try and get an answer during our time together. 

You can hear the answers during an upcoming episode of Notch 6. 



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Question for the crew: what was your previous steam experience, and how does working with 611 differ in adjusting to that type of locomotive?

"Maybe someday, you'll be an Engineer for the Santa Fe!" - in a note to me sent with a P.R. package from the Santa Fe railroad.

Please inquire with the crew if 611 will pause at Crewe, VA on its May 6/7 run between Lynchburg and Petersburg, VA.  The train is scheduled to cover the approximately 110 miles  in 5 hours, leading me to suspect that an unadvertised stop is planned.  If the train will stop at Crewe for servicing or crew change it would provide me an opportunity to video the train both east and west of Crewe on its morning run to Petersburg.

Ed Rappe           PRRT&HS 421

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