First video of new Lionel Vision Line Big Boy

Well here it is! The first public video of the Lionel Vision Line Union Pacific Big Boy. No audio on this video, as this was used in the booth at York. Special thanks to Lionel for providing Notch 6 with this video. Can't wait for you guys to hear this thing as well. The sounds will knock your socks off. Please lets keep this thread on topic. Would hate to see another thread of GOOD information get toasted.


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Thanks Derek.


I still will say, they need to do a Mike Reagan type product video.  This is flashy and all but Mike does a great job that is more "hands on" than the video loop at the booth.  I would have him do one soon and post it to the webpage.

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Hi John, the Santa Fe has shipped. This video just recaps past Vision products at the end. Also Marty, I agree with your suggestion. I think once things settle down in a few weeks Lionel will put a video together. This thing is too cool not to show off.

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