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I don't know Jim, but he sounds like a good bloke, so glad he is making progress.

If someone can supply an address offline to me I will send him something special from the Wild West.... West Australia, it won't be a snake or a kangaroo, get in before the comedians.


Jim M Sr posted:

Thanks to Trainpop for posting, and each and everyone of you for the prayers and good thoughts.

The heart attack was a surprise with little warning. As we're just minutes from the hospital My wife took me to the ER rather than take time to call 911 and wait for EMT's. Turned out to be a life saving decision. I went out between the EKG and ER gurney. Let me tell you, getting zapped with the defibrillator and still being awake isn't pleasant, but I like the end result. I'm still here.

My wife is as much the reason I'm here as the hospital folks.

To the folks at St  Agnes ER and cardiac unit, thank you, and God bless you all.

I don't realisticly expect to make York in April now, but if by chance I do, and you see me, say hi. Otherwise I'll still be here browsing the forum, and see you in Oct., with my grandson. I'm convinced he's the purpose of my second chance.

Thanks to all, you're a great bunch, and I appreciate you all!



Grandsons are often the source of renewed hope and life. Mine provides amazing joy in my life. Happy 2nd chance!!!


Don't know Jim but he is part of the OGR forum family. He deserves our sincerest thoughts and prayers for a complete recovery. May our heavenly father look after Jim in his time of need.

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Jim I'm so glad you were given that 2nd chance.  I know the feeling.  If there's anything you need help with please email me.  I don't live that far from you.  Take care and you're still in my prayers for a speedy and complete recovery.

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