LIRR 3-Railers please check in here

By the early 50's there were very few nonPRR designs left on the LIRR, perhaps a couple of the G-53 ten wheelers. Those painted LIRR were the G-5s and H-9's and 10's. Loads of leased K-4's and L-I's by that time.

Mid to late 1920s would be a much more interesting period for LIRR steam, PRR H-3, D-16s and the great G-5s just arriving. Several classes of camel backs still in operation. We'll never see those.




LIC 1910 eng 117 119


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Simply love the LIRR, rather not ride it to work but I really enjoy it.  I wish MTH would come out with a proto sound M7.  I'm still on the look out for the GP-38 red-white-blue locomotive.  The problem is I'm running out of room.  The tichy scheme is growing on me!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Living the dream.

Hi Art,


I ordered the C-Liners, and I may have to repaint something to put behind it. As is, the passenger cars would have to be painted in the Tichy scheme anyway. But I'm still glad I got them. I've heard that MTH doesn't want to re-tool to make the proper passenger cars. I guess we'll see going forward.



As you correctly point out, it is unlikely that MTH would tool up for the Tichy "Ping-Pong" coaches, due to a perceived limited market. 


I thus decided to purchase the RailKing "Cannonball" style coaches (with the blue window striping), since these were hauled to Montauk on Friday evening for an over-the-weekend trip, returning on Sunday.


I have a LIRR color photography book with photos of C-Liners hauling these cars, though NOT with the Tichy scheme, but rather with the later orange nose livery.


Close enough for me, as we often have to make compromises with ready-to-run models! 

vita sine literis mors est

Hello fellow LIRR fans. I  just came a cross this thread. Good to see so may LIRR modelers out there. Born and raised in Baldwin in the 60's, in Garden City now.  I remember when they elevated the Montauk branch through Nassau County. No LIRR rolling stock or locos yet but I keep looking.

Can't wait for the final Circus Train in May.


Three Rails Are Better Than None 

Charlienassau posted:

Hi Bob, we have been doing a custom line of LIRR engines with MTH for years. Two GP-38's, MP-15, C-Liner and our just released G5 steamer. Plus we have a large supply of hard to find LIRR by Lionel, Atlas, MTH, and Golden Gate. Go to Charlie


Been a lloooong time  since I rode my bike there with my friends. Definitely need to stop by soon. 


Three Rails Are Better Than None 

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