Marx 034 switches and post war trains?

Does anyone have any first hand experience / sucess running Marx 034 switches with their PostWar Lionel trains.


I'm considering them for a new layout I am building and want to be sure they will work smoothly with my roster. 



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My last layout and my next will rely heavily on Marx 034 curves/switches, along with a limited # of low profile 042 K-Lines.  The Marx can be a little bumpy, but IHMO not near as bad as Lionel 1122's (and no sparking, since they aren't auto non-derailing).  Being powered separate from the track you won't burn one out parking a train on it, and they don't require a massive amount of juice to operate reliably.

One "must do" item is to add a guide rail on the turnout side, or derails will be constant occurrences.  I use Atlas controllers in place of the original tin or plastic controllers.

034 switch w/ guide rail added

027 switch w/ guide rail added

The 27" switches are great to use as well - no clearance issues as with Lionel 1122's or K-Line's with the big honkin' switch covers - as long as you can live without auto non-derailing.

RoyBoy posted:

I ran some a number of years ago. The trains ran through the switches rougher and lumpier than I would have liked.

Marx O34 switches have sprung parts in the frog which allow "fat wheel" locos to pass, and they don't have guard rails opposite the frog for the same reason. I've made them work better by super-gluing the sprung frog parts and by adding a guard rail for the diverging route. I don't run fat-wheel locos. I like the fact that these switches are a wider radius than standard O27 or O31-curve switches.

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