Port Elderley

Now, where was I?  Oh yes.

Peter Jackson, the boat builder also supplies and lays moorings for the local boat club.  He uses rejected railroad truck wheels in combinations of one each end for boats up to 30 feet, or two each end for bigger boats.

He uses truck tires which have been filled with expanded foam, with a board top and bottom, to make the mooring floats.

PE 222

PE 223

PE 224

There is a span line ( usually with three styrene floats), between the mooring floats, for the boatman to snag with his boat hook, and so pull up the mooring leads which are attached to each float.


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Next, I drill a hole through the base plate of the building and through the base board, to locate the power point.

PE 228

And then enlarge those holes to take the RCA jack and styrene plate.

PE 229

Ralph seems OK with the work so far.

Once the back fill has set up, there will be some more filling to fair the joins with the base plate.


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