Wow, each new photo is amazing. Such a shame that a lot of your work won't be able to be seen, probably not even though windows. But there's a satisfaction in knowing you did everything, whether someone can see it or not.

Once this car is done and running on a layout, I'd love to see video as well as photos of it.

I hope you intend on doing a magazine article on the build of this car!

JPV69  Amazing!!!! What a beautiful build. Truly fantastic workmanship with exceptional eye for detail. All i can say is that the only thing I can find wrong with the car is that it's not on my layout.

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Scenery Details - Passenger/Freight/Diesel Details - Figures - Signals - Laser Cutting, & MUCH MORE!

Thank you fellows for your kind comments! 

Lee----> For me, write a magazine article would be very hard and very loooong because I don't have a full knowledge of your language; I don't speak fluently and I have always the dictionary beside me!!! if I would write, this would be for the second one because the way to build it will change and will be more fonctional and logical; this one is a prototype on which I look for better ideas and design. But I will speak about this new design soon in this thread.

Eric----> Pleasure to share; that's why I subscribed to this forum! here, the O scale is a very closed place and if you build US models or an US layout, not many people find an interest to follow you! that's also why I don't post on the french O scale forum anymore: it's a shame but to read some unpleasant and sarcastic comments make me angry and in this case, I answer nastily (french language is very rich in words!)  !

Scale C D----> I have the car but no layout; you have the layout but no the car! what to do? 

Bonjour de France

jpv (frozen!)

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