The countdown has begun. 59 day's till York week.

Eddie, York number 73 for me.  I often thought about doing a post of the changes I have seen at York over the years.   You go back to the start of York.  Your stories would be fun to read.

The thing I miss the most are the early bandit meets.  I am talking about 20-22 years ago.







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Can't wait--it's a great experience that I've enjoyed since I was a little kid. I went to my first York 38 years ago this April. 

Eddie, looks like we're neighbors--I'm in Brunswick. When you have a chance, we should meet and would love to have you up to see my layout and collection. Are you going to the show in Augusta tomorrow?


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Greg Houser posted:

I for one would really enjoy stories about York in the early days and the changes over the years.


My first York was in 1985. Many were buying Lionel and Flyer pre and post war trains for their collections. Now, they are trying to sell them for prices at least as high as what they bought them for.

Today's York seems no smaller than it was back then. In fact, square footage-wise, it may be larger. The biggest difference is that the cars in the parking lots looked far more interesting than the ones look today. What has not changed (yet) is your feeling about being somewhere very special.

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