The LIRR G-16 Exhibit Car by Lionel/RMLI

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December 19, 2013 11:18 PM

Lionel SKU 6-58579 LIRR G-16 World’s Fair Exhibit Car ~ now ordering!



Gentle Forum Members,


We are now accepting orders for our next car, the “LIRR G-16 World’s Fair Exhibit Car.”  An operating - motorized “aquarium” display car with internal lighting and moving G-16 Park Train traveling around the Museum grounds.  Locate this car on a piece of track with a small transformer and everyone can enjoy the trainset running around inside the car!  This beautifully rendered work of art has been made especially for the RMLI by renown caboose artist, Mr. George Wybenga,


Allen Herschell Company, LIRR G-16 by George Wybenga



In 1964, the New York World’s Fair opened in Flushing Meadows, Queens, NY.  To help move hundreds of thousands of visitors and workers in and out of the Fair, the Long Island Rail Road constructed a modern rail terminal between the Fair Grounds and the new Shea Stadium.  To celebrate the LIRR’s support of the Fair, the company built a beautiful pavilion near the train terminal.  It included exhibits of important Long Island industries, communities and their rail road and a working, Allan Herschell “Miniature Train Company” G-16 train set.  This one fifth “grand scale” replica of an EMD E8 locomotive and streamlined passenger cars thrilled Fair goers for two years.


LIRR G-16 World’s fair logo by Arthur Christian


After the World’s Fair the trainset was sold to the Grumman Corporation and installed at their Calverton, NY flight-line facility for the construction and testing of the famous F-14 fighter jet.  Grumman employees and their families enjoyed the train for many years at company picnics and social functions.  Once the company was bought by Northrup, the train was considered excess equipment and donated to the Inc. Village of Patchogue.  In 2001 the Village agreed to donate the unused trainset to the Railroad Museum of Long Island!


RMLI crossing shanty and C-68 by George Wybenga


On November 15, 2003, the RMLI commenced operation of the LIRR World’s Fair G-16 park train at our Riverhead site. 750 feet of new 12 pound industrial rail had been laid by museum volunteers and the trainset had been restored to its grey and orange LIRR World’s Fair livery.  For ten years this “soon to be fifty” historic piece of New York State history and LIRR heritage has been delighting patrons at the Museum.


RMLI turntable by George Wybenga



In April 2014 the LIRR G-16 World’s Fair park train will celebrate fifty years of operation on Long Island!  To commemorate the New York World’s Fair, the association of the Long Island Rail Road with the Fair and our Allan Herschell  LIRR G-16’s Anniversary, we are offering this very special, limited edition Lionel operating-motorized display car for sale.  No matter – if you love Lionel “Aquarium Cars,” if you “Remember the Fair,” or enjoy “Grand Scale” railroading and can’t resist a ride on a park train – you will want to own one of these collectible cars.  The artwork alone makes this a unique and valuable item to possess.  Go now to to download an order form.  The ordering period ends on Saturday, March 22, 2014.  Delivery is anticipated during 2014.


Thank you and Happy Holidays!

Don Fisher


TCA 08-63024

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