What are you hunting for at York this spring???

What are you in searching for at York? A specific car, engine, structure?

I'm in search of some Miller Engineering signs, a couple Korber buildings, and I'm ALWAYS on the lookout for K-line intermodal cars!!

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Nothing in particular, I'll be lucky to attend as this is the busiest upon busiest season for me at work (even more so this year with the biennial audit). 

I've got more than enough stuff. Anything that may catch my eye. Except the 773, I've got all the Postwar things I could ever want. Same goes for modern stuff. 

This will be my first York ( most wouldn't believe it seeing I grew up about 45 miles from it) But figured since I'm retired it's about time. Now to me it will probably be something in the postwar period. A lot of the new stuff I'm not that interested in as normally beyond what I want to pay for something. Would like to find a couple of set boxes I need and maybe even boxes for cars/engines. But that will not be high on my list. I'll be just looking and if something strikes my fancy I may check it out closer. 

That and meeting some of the people I talk with on the forums


While not seriously looking, I tend to adopt any excellent condition 2457 Lionel postwar metal caboose with steps that looks lonely on a dealer's table. They were only offered in 1945-47, and one came with my first train set on Christmas 1946. As commonplace as they were, it is hard to find them in excellent condition. The 5 that I have, so far, have ranged in price from $20. to $60. All 5 are slightly different from each other (something I did not realize when buying them). I have attended a number of York meets without finding one, but at the last York, I found two. 

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I can tell you that I will NOT be looking for 9200 / 9400 / 9700 / 19200 series boxcars. The ones that people sell new in the box for 10 or 20 bucks. I will not be looking for those at all. And somehow I will still come home with 6 or 8 of them!

You mean like this?????





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For anyone who was thinking of picking up a turntable or trandsfer table at York and save on shipping, we just posted the order cut off date on our website. First come first serve as once trailer is full order pick ups are closed. Thanks and see you guys and gals at York.



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I'm actually going to deliver much more than I expect to buy (like I said last time and bought 2 standard gauge sets).

Three lucky people are going to take delivery of a freshly built SP Daylightstandard gauge set with Lee Lines GS4 and sets of 4 or 5 passenger cars in matching red/orange/silver and black paint. All made from the original parts that have been waiting patiently to be finished for the past 35 years. 

But if I happen to see a JAD or Gold Standard GG1 at the right price, well

Jim W

I've been putting together a set of the Madison car re-issues. Still need Baggage (19011) and Observation (19018).  Still looking for decent price on the bakelite scale reissue stock car (51402) and stock car (51301). Would love to find a clean 2032 Erie Alco pair.

Since I fly, I have to consider carry-on space impacts, so I limit myself to one pair of underwear, socks and clothes.  Just kidding about that part, but I have run into folks who think that way!


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