Fourth Annual “Lionels at the Library” Special Event w/LCCA

Exhibit Hall of Laman Library in North Little Rock, AR

A group of LCCA members and Lionel loyalists in the heartland will present an 18-day, LCCA-designated Special Event during the holiday season. Begun in December 2009 as a holiday operating exhibit of toy trains in the Exhibit Hall of Laman Library in North Little Rock, AR, this event has steadily grown to become one of the largest LCCA-sponsored Special Events.  Special Event Link


2801 Orange St, North Little Rock · (501) 758-1720

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HEADS UP:  A record-breaking snowfall brought a very white Christmas to much of Arkansas on Christmas Day. 10-12 inches accumulated in North Little Rock and environs, and the roads are impassible with widespred power outages. FYI, Laman Library was closed on Wednesday (12-26-12) and will also be closed on Thursday (12-27-12) because of the white stuff.


We believe conditions will be suitable for visitation on Friday (12-28-12) and beyond to Monday (12-31-12), whichis the closing day of the season.


In this part of the country, folks often rely on high technology for snow dispersal:  SASR -- Solar Assisted Snow Removal. 


Mike Mottler

Head Honcho, L4 (Lionel loyalists for Laman Library)



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