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Railway Days in San Angelo, TX


MAY 14, 2022   |  10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Step back into 1910, the year the Railway Depot was built.  

Enjoy food, fun, entertainment and fantastic vendors.  All model train collectors are invited to bring their trains to show, trade, and sell.

Inside the Railway Museum, buy a ticket to meet costumed characters who will take you back over 100 years ago when San Angelo was young.

This was copied and pasted from the museum’s website.

Any of you Texas forum members going?

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I was in San Angelo less than a year ago and the wrecking yard on the highway into town had 3 or 4 wrecking cranes and a baggage car on site. The old Santa Fe station is nice with a zebra-striped 44 ton switcher and caboose. There is a nice wig-wag signal and across the street is a repurposed freight station.

I wish.  However, we are going out of state for a family event that weekend.

San Angelo was served by the Kansas City, Mexico and Orient ("the Orient") and the Santa Fe on a branch from over near Coleman.  An interesting passenger train, the Angelo, ran overnight to and from Fort Worth, using mostly heavyweight cars and either E6 or PA-1 diesel power.  The train ran until the late 1960's and was well maintained.

There was a scrap yard there which may still have some old Santa Fe equipment including a derrick.

You can get a steak prepared German style there (floured, seasoned and cooked on a flat iron).

I would attend if not for the family commitment.

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