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Reply to "0-4-0 engines running across the 45 degree crossing sections? Rough ride."


I started out all O27, to keep everything on a 4x8 table size.  Then I saw how much space there was inside the outer loop.  So, I replaced the inner track with O31, and the engines ran much better. Then I saw that I could also replace the entire outside loop and switches with 031, if I just increased the length of the table by 6 inches.  I did not need to increase the width because in O31 gauge, I still found that I had about 2 inches to spare on each side of the big oval track

Then I said, what the heck?   Just increase the table length by one foot, and the width by 6 inches, and give yourself plenty of room outside of the tracks of the big oval.  I have a very large basement, and plenty of room

So, that's what I have done.   My layout is now all O31, and my table dimensions will be 9ft x 4.5 ft (when I build it next week).

Last week, I traded all of my 027 track, and 4 Marx tin type manual 027 switches, and 2 Lionel plastic manual 027 switches, for  two good running 1970s Lionel  engines, and a 1033 transformer, and four Lionel cars with metal wheels and trucks, and a Lionel lighted caboose, so I more than got my money back.

So, . . . that's where I am.  :-)

I am waiting on one right hand switch in the mail, to fully complete the layout, and I will definitely post a picture of the layout (assembled on the basement floor) when I have it done.  I don't think there is any Wow factor in the layout  I designed, but it is an interesting design, with several options, and will be great for me and young kids.

Can't stand balky sputtering engines, so if can't get the little 0-4-0 Lionel switcher to run smoothly over the crossing, I will trade it away.

Adriatic,   After I put the layout on the board, I will follow your advice to try to get that Switcher running smoothly.





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