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Reply to "0-8-0 recommendations?"

Thanks to everyone who responded!

I especially appreciate the discussion of
the differences between makers, and the
differences between generations of
productions as well.

The videos are very helpful - short of
finding someone with an engine and a layout
to run it on, that's as good a
demonstration as I could ask for. And by
the way, you guys have some nice looking

The command systems mentioned seem limited
to Legacy and Proto 2 & 3. Should I
interpret that to mean TMCC and Proto 1
won't "cut the mustard"? Or are the
engines using those systems themselves
not as good of models?

Mike CT and prrhorseshoecurve: I hadn't
considered the Weaver due to conventional
Was your upgrade to TMCC? Legacy? Or..?

GG1 4877: I feel your pain! Trains
were just a passing phase...

Again, thank you all,


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