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(07/12/21) SOLD OUT! Santa Fe F3 Diesel Locomotive from Menards!

Feedback Wanted

These engines have been in development for several years and delayed further by COVID-19.

This limited edition is our first locomotive, and we want to know your opinion of the model's appearance, functionality, reliability, performance, value, and most of all, did you have fun running it? This will help guide us in the future.

Please email your thoughts and feedback to Ray at

Remember, the purpose of this test run is to gather feedback. The more people who get one, the better. With this in mind, and because the supply is so limited, we ask that you limit your purchase to one engine per customer.


  • Very limited - Only 200 produced
  • Two powerful motors - Great for pulling!
  • Easy-to-use remote control with forward/reverse, horn, bells, and crew commentary
  • Adjust volume with a dial on the side of the controller
  • Call and response audio between engineer, fireman, and dispatcher (25 phrases)
  • Directional lighting illuminates going forward and backwards and lighted number boards
  • Rugged stamped-steel frame
  • Metal trucks with die-cast frames
  • Realistic train sounds with on/off switch (located on underside of engine)
  • Locomotive Weight: 2lb. 12 oz.
  • Locomotive Dimensions: 13"L x 2-1/2"W x 3-1/2"H (not including horns)

Get on board with the test run of this brand new locomotive from Menards!

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The Iconic F3 Locomotive

The classic F3 locomotive hails design from the Golden Age of American railroading and offers mighty O gauge action with two-motor power for hauling long trains.

The F3 is an iconic locomotive, often dubbed "the diesel that did it," in the transition from steam to diesel locomotives. The Menards F3 features America's most recognized railway graphics - the classic Santa Fe War-Bonnet livery that set a new visual standard for railway graphic design.

Not Just a Pretty Face
This precision crafted model has two powered motors, a rugged die-cast metal frame, metal truck side-frames, and power pickup rollers on each wheel set.

The F3 comes equipped with crew figures in the illuminated cab. Safety is assured along the line with a bright LED headlight, backup light, and classification lighting. The model has working front and rear couplers.

Cast-in detailing includes portholes, rivet and seam detail, and exhaust and radiator fans.

The model showcases premium painting and decoration of the complex Santa Fe silver, black, red, and yellow livery.

The F3 measures 13 inches long and easily operates on O-31 diameter curves, and all contemporary track brands.

The F3 comes with an easy-to-use hand-held wireless controller. Easy for youngsters or adults to hold and use.
- Easy rotating forward-reverse directional control
- Select horn or bell sounds
- Trigger crew communications
- Adjustable volume control
- Quick battery replacement

In case you missed it, I've attached today's Menards Train email. If you'd like to sign up for these, click here.


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