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Reply to "1/4 straight tubular O gauge track?"

I bought this little item for $30 on sale at Harbor Freight last year. 

Drill Master 6 in. 5.5 Amp Cut-Off Saw

Although I wasn't sure how good it would do with track, I figured for $30 it was worth the gamble.

IT WORKS GREAT!  Way better than I imagined.  I'm using Gargraves flex track and Ross switches on my layout build.  After forming the curves with the flex, you have to trim the ends, this makes short work of that job, and they're all truly parallel.  It would cut your tubular track like butter and give you perfectly straight cuts.

I've also used it to cut 2" steel tubing, it's up to the challenge of cutting almost any reasonable metal piece up to around 2".


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