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H1000 posted:

When RO and Trainworld get to be as big as Menards and handle as many products.... they may think differently. I'm willing to bet that the handling fee is built in to the sale price of each item considering neither RO nor Trainworld will sell you a hopper car as nice as these for $20.00.

The Rebate thing I get it. Why only a mail in option, plus you can't use it for online purchases. It has to be redeemed in store only.

Menards is a home improvement store. Not a train store.

If Menards had to rely solely on toy train sales to remain profitable I'm sure they would think differently and charge more than $20 a car.

It's really not practical for Ro and Trainworld to start selling 2x4's, drywall, plumbing supplies, tools, etc to try and compete.

Heck, Menards probably sees more profit from selling cans of honey roasted peanuts than trains.

 You guys kill me with this Menards stuff. Apples and oranges at its best.

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