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Reply to "(10/15/20) New 1956 Box Truck from Menards!"

I like the idea of some of the companies of the past (grocery/manufacturing/distribution), possibly some of Menard's early suppliers.  The painted/undecorated (unbranded) version would be great and would appeal to any region.

@Rod Stewart posted:

Yeungling  Lager! Yes!


@PilotPete posted:

I second the Yuengling  lager truck. Any other beer trucks would awesome.

Cheers, Pete

I'd like to see a Yuengling delivery truck, but in the typical '50's era company name only style.  IRRC, Yuengling Lager variety was not in the company's variety of ale, porter and premium pilsner beer marketed until the mid-1980's when they "reintroduced" their "traditional lager".

Yuengling family also had a dairy; how about just Yuengling of Pottsville, PA so it could be either dairy or brewery?  I do remember when beer was home delivered, just like milk ...but not everyday

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