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Ken-Oscale posted:

I added another junction or interchange, with the UP at the lower left by the restroom.   And marked the change to BNSF with a NS connection on the high line.   And began changing place names to prototypical:  Rock Island Yard, Cedar Rapids, Peoria.   Will research towns for Hillsdale and Oakpoint in the future.


Hi Ken,

I got your Oak Point rename: A quick google search resulted in finding the "Quad Cities Nuclear Generating Station" at Cordova, Illinois, located in Rock Island County.  This is northeast of the Quad Cities (Rock Island, Moline, Davenport, Bettendorf) along the Mississippi river.

I don't know if this was originally on Rock Island trackage, but based on the one map I was looking at, it appears that it might currently be served directly by the Iowa Interstate Railroad.

Do some searching and see what you think.  Hope this helps. 




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