Reply to "14x24 Atlas-O (was 12x20 & 12x24) Layout Plan. With 11x19 FasTrack Version. Short Video of Trains Running Added!"

SantaFeJim posted:


The BIGGER your layout gets, the BETTER it gets.  The latest 14’ x 24’ is awesome.  

I love the it.  Do you plan on starting construction this year or next?

Are we going to be treated to and “animated” version of your layout any time soon?  Hope so.  That really brings the track plan to life.

thank you,




Thanks Jim!   I am thinking to start construction within the next 12 months.   I can do an animated recording, I thought to wait until the plan has stabilized, which it seems to have now.     I was thinking to replace my 2015 Mustang (great car, nothing wrong) with a 2020, but would rather have a train building and layout, and so stay with my current machine for a few more years!  -Ken 

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