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Reply to "18" Pullman Sleeping Car Interior Upgrade, Placid Haven"

Pingman posted:

Another two questions for TA:  What material do you use for the partition walls that provides texture??

And, do you have a photo of the hallway/door(?) side of the car viewed through the windows?


Hi Pingman,

I didn't have a photo of the hallway side as requested, so I took a few shots last night.  On this side of the sleeping car there is very little for the viewer to look at inside the hallway.  That is why I included as many details as I could like:

1. Handrail

2. Stainless steel kick board (painted)

3.  Overhead LED hallway lights

4.  Lines for the bedroom doors (made w/ 0.05, medium gray, Staedtler pigment liner)

5.  Sleeping car attendant on drop seat




The only detail I wish I had included was door handles in the hallway.  But I did not think I could make 11 identical door handles.  This would be a perfect job for someone with a 3D printer. 


Real hallway details should look like the following photos.  Sorry, most the overhead lights were off on the day I visited this Union Pacific National series passenger car.

Sleeping car attendants drop seat



Door handle



Stainless Steel kick board.



Outside sliding door details from roomette #5.  The sliding door w/lock was for nighttime use.  During the day curtains would be hung for passenger privacy.  The small box on the upper left side is a shoe locker.  In the middle of the night the sleeping car attendant would polish passengers shoes left in this box.   




To answer your question about the texture of the interior partition walls.  It comes from the grain on the 1/16" x 3" x 24" basswood.  If a builder wanted smoother walls they could use a 1/16" thick styrene sheets instead of wood.   For me, basswood is easy to find at hobby stores and it's the medium I'm comfortable with cutting, sanding, gluing and painting.     







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