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Reply to "18" Pullman Sleeping Car Interior Upgrade, Placid Haven"

Big Jim posted:

Did you put any type of clear coat over the decal to protect it?

Hi Big Jim, 

No, I didn't put anything over the top of the Microscale decal.  

I did see Microscale offers a product called Micro Flat as an overcoat to protect the decal.  But the red letters on the side of this car should be glossy to match the rest of the red letters and not turned to flat.   Microscale also offered a product called Micro Gloss overcoat to protect the decal.  I could have done this, but I did not want to have a large glossy spot on the Armour Yellow paint since it has a flat finish. 

Name Placid Haven on car

The final decision to not use a clear coat over the decal was after I looked at Microscales website.   Microscale says about their Micro Flat and Micro Gloss products "For models that get a lot of handling this is the answer".  Well, that did it.   I'm going to leave this passenger car on the track and it's not getting any handling where the decal was placed.    

The Microscale decals come trimmed very close to the letters and they have a satin finish when held close to your eye in the light.  Since I don't normally hold my passenger cars that close, I felt the Placid Haven name matched great at a normal viewing distance so I did not use either the flat or gloss clear coat over the decal.   

I hope this answer helps!




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  • Name Placid Haven on car
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