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Reply to "18" Pullman Sleeping Car Interior Upgrade, Placid Haven"

Pingman posted:

Perhaps with detailed photos and specs one of the skilled forum members in 3D printing would gladly  assist you in adding a much-desired detail to your outstanding model.  I'll bet a new thread from you asking for help would do the trick.

Door handles appear to be what you are missing. Out of all the O or "quarter scale" detailing products that are available, door handles or levers are a real rarity. You can find many of them in 1/12 and even 1/24 scale, but not 1/48. 

However, I know the source for these although they might be a little "domestic" for your purposes:


These are old fashioned white metal accessories, which are bigger, rougher but also more durable than 3D printed stuff. These are listed as 1/8" long or 6 scale inches. I have never found 3D printed handles in O scale although I have looked.

The source is I have got many items from the lady who runs it, who is called Grace.


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