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Reply to "18" Pullman Sleeping Car Interior Upgrade, Placid Haven"

Hancock52 posted:
Pingman posted:

Perhaps with detailed photos and specs one of the skilled forum members in 3D printing would gladly  assist you in adding a much-desired detail to your outstanding model.  I'll bet a new thread from you asking for help would do the trick.

Door handles appear to be what you are missing. Out of all the O or "quarter scale" detailing products that are available, door handles or levers are a real rarity. You can find many of them in 1/12 and even 1/24 scale, but not 1/48. 

However, I know the source for these although they might be a little "domestic" for your purposes:


These are old fashioned white metal accessories, which are bigger, rougher but also more durable than 3D printed stuff. These are listed as 1/8" long or 6 scale inches. I have never found 3D printed handles in O scale although I have looked.

The source is I have got many items from the lady who runs it, who is called Grace.


Alright Pingman, Hancock and Big Jim... you guys inspired me to open the Placid Haven car yesterday and fix my oversight.  :-)

Here's a photo of what the door handle inside the National Border, Pullman sleeper looked like during my last visit to the museum.  

Door knob 3



I didn't get good enough photos of the door handles to measure or send off to a 3D printer but it was good enough for me to try and duplicate with very thin sheet of styrene and 1/64" aluminium rod.

door knob 2



Thank you for your helpful ideas and encouragement.  This long hallway looks much better now with door handles.

door knob 1


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  • Door knob 3
  • door knob 2
  • door knob 1
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