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Reply to "18" Pullman Sleeping Car Interior Upgrade, Placid Haven"

Pingman posted:

Another question:  How did you fabricate and install the railing seen in the windows?  

TA, if you provided this info already in one of your previous threads on this project, just point me in the right direction and I'll find what I need.

Hi Pingman,

I used a 1/32" solid brass rod from the hobby store.  Painted the rod silver and then attached it to the the inside of the K-Line shell.  Based on my photos from outside the cars, it looked like the handrail should be mounted about 1/3 of the way up from the bottom of the window.

Handrail National Forum Handrail National Scene


Some of the photos from inside the cars included the pulldown shade so I could not use these images for measuring the handrail location. 

Handrail insidehandrail inside close up


I like how this handrail looks from the outside of my sleeping cars.  When I have time I will go back through my diner, coach and observation dome lounge car to add this extra handrail detail in their hallways.


Images (4)
  • Handrail National Forum
  • Handrail National Scene
  • Handrail inside
  • handrail inside close up
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