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Reply to "18" Pullman Sleeping Car Interior Upgrade, Placid Haven"

Martin Dougherty posted:

Thank you for the information and the research you obviously spent some time in completing.  I first became aware of the existence of Wabash UP cars when visiting my son in Los Angeles a few years ago.  We went to the Allied Model Train store (it was still open) where many of the Hollywood stars purchase trains for their hobby. Frank Sinatra was one customer that comes to mind.  

While in the store I noticed an O gauge metal (presumably aluminum, but possibly brass) consist of UP cars, one of which had the "Wabash" in UP red over the entrance door of the car.  I didn't check the name on the side of the car and was going to talk with the clerk concerning manufacturer details.  However, we got caught up in other searches and left without gaining additional information.



Hi Martin,

For more information about your joint Wabash/Union Pacific City of St.Louis train I would recommend getting this 35 page magazine from the TRRA-HTS. 

City of St. Louis 50 year history

According to their website "This issues examined the birth of the "City of St. Louis" streamliner, a joint Wabash/Union Pacific train between St. Louis-Kansas City-Denver and Pacific coast points. The train was inaugurated from St. Louis Union Station in 1946 with much fanfare. Included in the feature are photos of equipment, including the dome lounge-observation car with its rare "City of St. Louis-Domeliner" neon tail sign, maps, timetable information, operational notes and equipment lists. Naturally, a good bit of the magazine is devoted to the operation of the train in and out of St. Louis Union Station and the headaches that were caused when the long train had to be doubled over on two tracks when arriving. Special contributors include William F. Howes, Jr., Steve Parsons, Frederick Gamst, William Warren and early 1947 era photos from the collection of Joe Collias."

Here is a link to the TRRA website: If they dont have anymore of this 1996 issue for sale maybe they can tell you where to purchase one.

This issue is 24 years old, has black and white photos and information about your train like:

Wabash owned CoSTL cars 








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  • City of St. Louis 50 year history
  • Wabash owned CoSTL cars
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