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Reply to "182 Magnetic Crane Controller Wiring"

20190113_201543Thanks for all the feedback. I think these 3 pics may help. The wires going to the accessory (crane) have not been touched and original. I split them so I could run them below my last layout. I used a simple pin connector to reconnect them. When tearing down, I separated with keeping a map from the controller to the terminal.

In one pic, I've marked each wire and terminus according to the schematic. I'm 95% confident these are right. 6 for sure goes to the binding post on the crane. But, I don't know where o connect that wire on the controller.

The 6 wires came into the controller and are soldered at points marked A-F.

Trying to figure out a mapping key. Does 1 go to A, B, ..., F? Same for each of the other 5.20190113_19564320190113_19571620190113_200128


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