Reply to "1950 scout engine wheel problem"

The following is just my opinion:


Gerald, the originall poster would be better off using an adhesive to remount his original wheel if it does not wobble on the axle.

If he uses a used wheel, the splines cut into the wheel's hole will not be in the same exact location as on the original wheel, so the wheel will be slightly out of quarter.
If he uses a new wheel, then he is going to need a press or something similar to get the wheel anywhere near being square and quartered.


If Gerald wants to try the wheel from his junker, he should be able to remove it using a pin punch with a slightly smaller diameter than the axle. I do not normally recommend this because doing so often damages the axle bearing or pushes it too far into the frame. But since it is a junk frame, the axle bearing may not be important (if it is, don't use a pin punch).

Another alternative is to find someone with the proper tools who is willing to do the work.


There are a few wheel pullers on EBay right now.

Several of the Lionel parts dealers sell new rivet press outfits.
Cups are sold seperately. There usually is a group of cups that are sold as a set. I do not think they will do an 1101 wheel. I am not certain whether any of the tool guys make one that will fit.  Unless you are going to do a lot of repairs, getting into this stuff is expensive.

Again, I suggest trying an adhesive on the original wheel first.

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