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Reply to "1999 Vintage Lionel ZW transformer problem"

Hi Everybody,

First, let me thank each of you for sharing your collective knowledge on the "new generation" ZW. This is what makes this forum great!

First a hearty thanks to Bigrail for the part number for the metal brackets!

Next to RJR, what value external breakers do you use for the old ZW? I saw a Youtube video where the presenter tested 1A, 3A, and 5A breakers and concluded the 3A worked for him. His load was a steam engine with a diesel, and two heavyweight lighted passenger cars. In my experience my twin-motored F3 draws quite a load on the "new" ZW. I guess I should test what it is drawing with an ammeter. Also do you know the brand of the breaker you use? The one in the video is made in Germany and requires a mounting rail to hold the breakers. That's fine for a permanent layout, but my "layout" is Christmas tree dependent, hardly permanent.

I'm also reading other threads on using the old ZW's with TVSs (transient voltage suppressors). Anybody have a recommendation of the voltage and amperage spec one would use with the ZW? One source I read about was using ~30 volt but did not mention an amperage spec.

I haven't graduated to remote/command control of my trains as none of my locomotives are so equipped. I've got a 19 month-old grandson who is crazy about a loop of track around the Xmas tree running 60-year old trains so I've got to keep things simple.



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