Reply to "2-rail Layout building"

Hey Roo, Pierre here. I am still an O scaler, I am a 3 railer postwar runner too.

best of both worlds.

I Build for O scale 2 rail, slow harbor switching across the floatbridge to the railfloat and small yards.

I Run postwar growling heavy 50's Lionel diesels in return loops followed by various colorful rolling stock, a real time machine experience.

 My former waterfront O scale switching  layout is being  simplified and rebuilt. It is currently in pieces with all equipment safe and well labeled  in storage, so to be resurrected. Not fed up or too old

There are plenty of 2 railers out here ROO. I think they are fascinated by what you post here, 3 railers share that. There are certainly possible places to show and share anyone's scale building endeavors, simple or complex. 

I will post "my rebuilding" on a few different sites available here too.

until then we are truly motivated by your endeavors.

all my best mate.

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