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Reply to "2-rail Layout building"

I'm not good at explaining things.....

We are seeing some fabulous layouts here and I never get tired of looking at them but I would like to see more  layouts that are, just started, half built, almost finished, that type of thing and blokes asking advice on how to do certain things I know the forum owners like to categorize subjects but this is a 2-Rail thread and it would be good if we could talk about how we do things on our layouts right here I guess where I live has something to do with this as it's rare I ever talk to anyone about American O Scale face to face. I do know there are other forums around that do that but what I like about this forum is everybody here seems to have fun while discussing their hobby.

Tom. I think your being modest.

ASTARR. great stuff very nice mate.

Chris. love to see some more photos.

Simon. Those are great videos.

Dick the main thing is to have fun who cares how you go about it. look at me I'm doing six projects at once some day they will be finished!

Stephen. 60 X 20 now I would love to have that 60 instead of 30 which I have now well it's really 29 X 29 the room another 30 feet and I could have a great staging area and improve the Steel Mill if my missus read this she would say no matter how much room you have you would never be satisfied ! Ha Ha she is probably right as usual.


 I am building a staircase from the station platform up to the road bridge at the end of the staging area see photo early days yet.. Thanks keep the photos coming. Nev.

PS. Anybody building or already built a road bridge across their tracks if so any chance of a photo I might copy you. (Roo)



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