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Reply to "2020 Boxcars from Menards!"

@Menards posted:

Thanks for your suggestion! While we have not made any passenger cars yet, it is a project we are looking at.

I'm curious of everyone's thoughts on passenger cars. Let me know if anyone has feedback.

1. What is a good length? 
2. What body style has the widest appeal?
3. What price would you be willing to pay?

Keep in mind, these won't necessarily be "scale" but we are in the business of having fun!

Thank you,
Mark the Menards Train Guy

My personal thoughts:

1) 13” or 16.5” basically able to run O31 radius curves
2) Personally I prefer streamlined cars, but Madison heavyweights are also a big part of my collection

3) individual cars with empty but “detailed” interiors, ~$40; If they had actual people figures and detailed interiors, ~$60. if just frosted “glass” with or without silhouettes, ~$25.

i think either the Lionel baby Madison or rail king passenger cars are good ideas for size and such. Again, just my personal opinion on what I like.

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