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Reply to "2020 Boxcars from Menards!"

My personal thoughts:

1) 13” or 16.5” basically able to run O31 radius curves
2) Personally I prefer streamlined cars, but Madison heavyweights are also a big part of my collection

3) individual cars with empty but “detailed” interiors, ~$40; If they had actual people figures and detailed interiors, ~$60. if just frosted “glass” with or without silhouettes, ~$25.

i think either the Lionel baby Madison or rail king passenger cars are good ideas for size and such. Again, just my personal opinion on what I like.

I agree.

Stay with the low cost high quality market niche you have so beautifully established.  I would much rather my grandson have Menards 13 or 16 in passenger cars than none at all..

Not everyone has a lot of storage space or budget.   

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