2020 S Fest in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

          S Fest 2020 Milwaukee, WI : November 6-8

The Badgerland S Gaugers will be hosting the 2020 "S" Fest in Milwaukee, WI on Nov. 6-8. The Fest cars, for the gathering of "S" gauge fans, will be Milwaukee Road 2 bay offset hoppers built by American Models in the Hiawatha decor. These cars have been beautifully decorated by American Models and are already in the possession of the Badgerland club, there will be no 2+ year waiting period this time. I am attaching the promotional sheet. I need to mention the rendition of the cars on these sheets do not do them justice, they are truly  some of the most attractive cars I have seen. So please do come to join us for this years "S" Fest.


S Fest 2 001

2020 S Fest 001

Hope to see you there, come and celebrate with us during the 45th annual S Fest.









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