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Reply to "2021 Lionel Catalog S Gauge Steam"

@Ukaflyer posted:

I don’t understand the correlation that we in the S gauge/scale have to mirror what is being built in the O gauge line, am I missing something here? Why can’t Lionel be inspirational and do what we want for a change?

Now I will agree with you that the FM C-liner is cool!

It's simple.  The research is done.  Lionel's going to do (if anything) new S products they already have data for.  And they do have a lot of data hiding in their computers that could be turned into never before made American Flyer products.  Theoretically, Lionel could make an S scale Acela...

All the brand new releases over the past decade were first offered in O Gauge.  Nothing else was created new for the Flyer line that wasn't in the Gilbert lineup.  Now, Lionel's made some changes for the better to the likes of the Baldwin switcher and GP7, but again nothing truly new.

The Mikado's and Pacific's from the early 2000's were pretty much an anomaly, done by a different and long gone team.  The Big Boy just took advantage of available tooling to create a caricature.


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