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Reply to "2021 Lionel Catalog S Gauge Steam"

Thanks Rusty, great for starters!

Good lookin' locomotives, however, I'm still not sold on the crew talk.  The English language has changed so much over the years.  Just check out the way Americans talked during the era of the Gay 90's, Roaring Twenties, World War II, the Fabulous Fifties, and fast forward to Century 21!  Ditto with the railroaders, be it Casey Jones on the Cannonball Express or Denzel Washington in the motion picture "Unstoppable" for example.

I can't justify spending $$$ for any feature(s) I do not have any use for.


Crew talk/radio chatter is usually pretty inane, I never use that option.  I cringe when I hear some of the "banter" between the locomotive and dispatcher.  Especially on locomotives that didn't have radios, like most steam locomotives before the late 20th/21st century excursion era.

But, it's all just a subroutine integrated into main program and no special hardware required.  Removing it won't make things any cheaper.

I don't use smoke either. I just turn them off and not carp about the added costs.  Why?  Someone once asked Don Thompson of S Helper if removing smoke from the 2-8-0 would make the loco cost less.  He responded the bulk purchase costs of the smoke unit was negligible and wouldn't affect the MSRP.


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