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Reply to "2022 American Flyer"

Make that $1800 ($1799.99) Bob.  I figured a new Y3 would have weighed in at around $1500, so we're close there.  I guess the modifications for whistle steam and fitting for the Pacific tenders on some models are the extra $300.   I also wonder how far "road specific detailing" will go.  The illustrations are generic photoshops.

In spite of all that the Y3 remains the best Flyer locomotive Lionel has put out IMHO.  The Berk is a close second.

I'm reasonably happy with my 2012 (eccentric crank issue notwithstanding) era Y3 and as I don't do smoke, whistle steam doesn't add any value for me.


Thanks. Corrected the MSRP, but this only makes matters more penurious.   I agree that the Y3 is a great loco. Love my PRR (HH1) which does not have the crank issue. I might go a step further than you have and claim that it is the best scale-sized detailed hi-rail S gauge locomotive, period. This may be part of the problem. Not much competition at this time. I would have preferred a reissue of the Challenger with correction of detail errors and all of the betterments made afterwards with the Y3.

For those who purchase one, have fun! I know you will.


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