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gunrunnerjohn posted:
Norton posted:

 A lot of strippers will have trouble with teflon.  I use No Niks which work great but may be NLA.

 Still available Pete, Ripley Miller Wire Stripper, No-Nik, .021", NN.021


I have a pair of these for #30 wire that must be at least 30 years old.

Nice tool.  I have the poor man's version below, acquired at a Rat Shack  a few years ago.  It's adjustable (via the nut and bolt fixture on it) to allow the strip opening to be micro tweaked to get it to precisely the right size.   That the good news. 

The bad news is the only way to effectively  set the opening to said " precisely the right size" is through trial and error testing on the given wire being used.  Ergo, I inevitably end up wasting an inch or two of wire in that adjustment phase whenever I use it. 

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