Reply to "30AWG Teflon Coated Wire Available Soon"

Odd CW. Which one is correct?

I got out my "Machinery's Handbook".
Unfortunately, there are six different standards listed in one table for wire gauges
For gauge 30:

American Wire gauge (AWG), also called Brown & Sharpe   .0100
Steel Wire Gauge (U.S.)   .0140
British Standard Wire gauge, also called Imperial Wire gauge .0124
Music or Piano Wire gauge .080
Birmingham of Stub's Iron Wire gauge .0120
Stub's Steel Wire gauge .127

Then to make things more complicated, there are a number of other tables for sheet metal.

As has already been posted, I believe the proper table to use here is the USA is the American Wire Gauge (AWG) table.

I guess one has to be careful when purchasing material that is sold in thicknesses defined by gauge.
These last few posts on gauge reminds me of the last time I purchased some angle stock at a local home center. When I got it home, I checked the thickness and thought it was too thin for the gauge it was labeled. I think I probably used the wrong table to look up what it should be.




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