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I am very interested in what you are saying and totally agree, I've run into the same situation where I have to make most everything myself as there isn't much out there.

are you saying that you will host this FTP site for all forum members (or anyone) to use for up and downloading? 

I've had many requests to make 3D prints for members which I have turned down as that is not what I want to spend time doing, but will give them the STL files that they could print or have printed.

So I have a good list of parts made already and am sure to be designing more that I could share.

Many of my STL files run up to and some well over 100KB

I would recommend not only having STL files available but also STP files in case someone wants to modify a part for their individual needs.

I've found that it is important to be able to find a file once made when the data base can be very large.

Would there be a means to control someone from trying to sell this information that we give freely or do we care?

Like I said, yes I'm in if we have a workable system and database to do this.

Shown is some of the parts that would be available.



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