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Working on the Track Vacuum Maintenance car. completed the scoop.
The scoop worked out great see photo of vac in cardboard simulated car. The small brush that comes with the MooSoo can be attached to the scoop in the small holes on the scoop to brush the track loosen debris on the track before vacuuming..
vac scoop1.jpg
The control cage did not work out as much, the cage  was too thin. So I increased the diameters.
Also in my rush to build I tend to laser print everything together.
I forget that real plastic models are in parts for a reason, like ease of painting different colors. hard to do when it's one piece.
See below. so I separated the pieces adding pins and holes.
vac dome and control.JPG
I added video screens to simulate feedback from cameras near the lights(not there). The buttons on the panel  will be very very small.
vac control.JPG
.stls  coming.
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