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Reply to "3D Printing... Repository ...the Beginning"


Posting is absolutely fine.  However, it will indubitably be forgotten/lost with the passage of time.  We are attempting to remedy that with the Repository.  Having the files in one location (actually, 3 as my servers are triangulated) keeping the files organized in directory format and the files consistent helps enormously compared to trying to find a post a year or two down the pike.

If you would like to post your .stl/.stp/.svg/.jpg files please do so... I think your work is great!  If in addition you would like to place your files in the Repository and Listed in the Catalog that they may be easily available in-perpetuity send me an email and I will set you up... you will be Credited for all the items you have placed in the Repository.



Whoops!  To get a primer on the Repository and how it works... please read the first post here...

3D Repository - Access & Information

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