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Reply to "3rd Rail F3 (RUN2) and Krauss Maffei, Reservations Closing"

A note on QSI vs. ESU 2R decoder Installations:

We have made swapping these systems as easy as "Plug and Play". Barring the programming for each engine type, all ESU installations will use the same plugs for track power/ motor / lighting and speakers as the QSI system. Not sure about the QSI "RESET" switch.

We will be selling the ESU systems with this Sunset Models "Plug and Play" main board in the coming months.

We are out of QSI boards and there are no more to be produced as QSI doesn't have their system chip for sale any longer. So if your QSI system stops working you can easily replace it with an ESU system purchased from us. This took a good amount of planning and design work from both ESU and Robert Lopez.  THANK YOU ROBERT.

The message this gives should be that if you buy a model from Sunset Models, you don't have to worry about electronics being available in the future in case you need it.


Scott Mann

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