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Reply to "3rd Rail just announced SD40-2's"

@TrainBub posted:

Hmmmm. I don’t have a SD9 to compare color finish with my GP9s. Just in general, I don’t think that gloss lasted very long in the real rail world. A softer (or a bit dull ?) finish seems a bit more “every day” to me.  Perhaps someone that has a road with both SD and GP can post us a some side by side pictures for comparison.  
Without that, Right now, I’d prefer a non hi-gloss - a more flat paint job.
Cheers !!!

If you interested, do Google search of 3rd rail SD9, there are great pictures out there

The paint finish looks more model-like and the duller finish hides paint imperfections

Anyways, that's just my opinion,

hopefully these will be great models gloss or flat finish

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