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Reply to "3rd Rail just announced SD40-2's"

elementdude195 posted:

Could I get an explanation of the trains these guys make? I am hoping an owner of their trains could chime in. I understand it's more pricey and has superior details. Looks like these will be ABS plastic, I always thought all they made were die-cast or brass.

I also couldn't figure out what the suggestion is for. Is that how someone would get multiple road numbers like the member above my post saying 2 Kodachromes reserved or is it for something really custom like a specific road number or something odd? Am I missing anything else? I am obviously not an owner of their trains and don't want to take a leap into the unknown if I put in a reservation without some research.


This is my attempt to answer the question regarding details.

The latest 3rd rail diesel offerings have all been ABS plastic with lots of separately applied brass detail parts. What sets these diesels apart from the main stream manufacturers is, all the road specific details, the horizontal drive system which is much better and stronger then China drive. This also allows room for a fully detailed hand painted cab interior. Most other manufacturers have the vertical can motor sticking right up through the cab, put an engineer figure in and call it a day. In 3rd rail models the motor isn't near the cab but it's right above the fuel tank, allowing room for a full sized cab interior.

Fully sprung brass and metal trucks, And lastly fixed pilots with full length hand rails on all the models. Hope this helps. I can post pics of my 3rd rail E7 later when I'm home. For me... Those details plus the drive system are worth (in my own oppinion) the higher price. 

If your more art, history, and detail driven in your model train purchases I would try a 3rd rail model. I hope this helps a little bit. Regarding your first sentences asking about abs bodies and detail.


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