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Reply to "3rd Rail just announced SD40-2's"

This is very exciting. About a year or so ago, I emailed Scott with this suggestion and he quite forthrightly said they were coming and to watch for an announcement. I'll be in for two or three Santa Fe yellow and blues for sure (and am tempted by other western roads, but we'll see...). I think all Santa Fe fans would like to see the rooftop details--AC, antennas and the like. I also think all the ATSF SD40-2s were delivered with these, so unlike some other models, such as the GP35, SD40 or SD45, I think there is no era in which a Santa Fe SD40-2 model would be correct without these features. I certainly would expect them on a Sunset model. Here are 90s era rooftop details added to an Atlas SD40:


A more subtle issue involves little changes to these models over their ATSF service life. The classification lights you see in pictures people posted above were removed and plated over by the early 90s (my era), headlights and horns were relocated, and strobes removed. So there are little detail variations depending on whether a model is depicted circa 1983 versus, say 1993, or even 1995.

Thanks again, Scott for offering these.



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