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Hump Yard Mike posted:


Thanks for the quick reply!  You were spot on, and it came apart much easier then I thought.  What is the advantage of the super chuffer over the oem in the locomotive today ( i thought it also puffed the smoke).  

Did you make any changes to the tender for allow the rear coupler some room for more side to side movement?



I purchased my engine used (Used to be Hot Water's engine).  It is stiff through 0-72 curves.  Had the same issue with my 3rdrail Niagara PT tender.  I'm going to put one of the flanged wheels in the back and move one of the blind wheel up front.  I'll take pics, also if there's any bushings I'll remove them so it's more flexible through curves.  Hot Water had this engine converted to Kadee so no electro lobster claw.

As for super chuffers benefits.  Watch my videos.


Might I ask your intentions with this engine?  Just seeing how it ticks, or do you want to change something.

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