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Reply to "3rd Rail Sunset E5-6 run 2 reservations now closed (May 5) - Standby Reservations Available"

This is great news !!!

I will pre-order through Chicagoland Hobby for CB&Q E5A & E5B units.

Unless I missed it, 3RD Rail’s website did not list the specific road numbers & SILVER names for the CB&Q E5 models.

From the first run, I already have:

CB&Q   E5A   Cab          #9915A   Silver CARRIER   Nose Stripes:  BLACK

CB&Q   E5B   Booster   #9910B   Silver POWER    (B units have neither a nose nor stripes )

From the second run, I am hoping to buy:

CB&Q   E5A   Cab          #9911A   Silver PILOT        Nose Stripes:  BLACK   (Prototype preserved at Illinois Railway Museum)

CB&Q   E5A   Cab         #9910A   Silver SPEED        Nose Stripes:  RED

CB&Q   E5B   Booster   #9911B   Silver MATE       (B units have neither a nose nor stripes )

3RD Rail's website indicates that for CB&Q E5B booster units that their is a choice between BLACK stripes & RED stripes.  Because the E5B booster units did not have a cab with a nose, the E5B units had neither black nor red stripes.  I hope that 3RD Rail clarifies if there is any difference between these two choices for CB&Q E5B booster units.  

I also hope that 3RD Rail will specify on their website what road numbers & Silver names will be offered.  

Thanks again for starting this post !!!

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