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Reply to "3rd Rail Sunset E5-6 run 2 reservations now closed (May 5) - Standby Reservations Available"

3AA5B457-6DEF-4365-8E89-F09E2BD813571A3C61C6-88C9-4855-8DED-5129BA34842D75C0B30D-FAB2-4258-A479-B02068EB7CC0Pictures/references just don’t focus on roof details but ……What I can see …..              1) 3rd Rail E6 pic shows most roof details       2) Key Models pic “Early E” has less details in same area as 1 but numbered as E6 #7002. I wonder if numbering incorrect and is really E3 #7000
3) zoom of E3 #7000 in St. Louis - blurry but looks like details match #2

photos in reverse order. Zoom went in small - don’t know why.   I don’t know if this is accurate. These are just my observations.   🤔

Feedback will be interesting.  🙂

Cheers !!!


Images (3)
  • 75C0B30D-FAB2-4258-A479-B02068EB7CC0: 3rd Rail detail
  • 1A3C61C6-88C9-4855-8DED-5129BA34842D: MP /Key model
  • 3AA5B457-6DEF-4365-8E89-F09E2BD81357: E3 zoom
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